Addiction Therapy

Most people conjure up images of drugs and alcohol at the mere mention of addiction. The truth is, is that addiction spans much more than substance dependency including; shopping, gambling, debting, food, sex and love addictions, codependency, to name a few. No matter what the issue -- whether this work is for yourself, or to heal a family or relationship, you can be assured your treatment will be uniquely tailored to your needs. 

Recovery Support
Early recovery, mid stage recovery, and even long term recovery can have its difficult moments. There might be a grappling with mood problems such as irritability, anxiety, or depression. Sometimes unresolved conflict from the past might present itself.  This mounting pressure can be the very precursor to a lapse/relapse. Get the support you need to continue on your journey. 

General Therapy
Sometimes we get stuck in our lives and in relationships. Whether you've come to my practice for individual support, to be a sounding board, to resolve old persistent patterns, or for family, and couples support, the same therapeutic approach applies; objective, empathic, and interactive. Together as a collaborative, I will help you find the solutions you need. Call my office today so that we can begin your process of healing and wellness.

Professional Consulting
Allow me to help you, your business, and career thrive. Professional consultation will serve to help you map out particular goals, navigate workplace dynamics, develop better communication with your colleagues, manage stress and more.