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It takes much courage and hope to create change. Are you/have you been wondering what happens next? Are you yearning for meaning and purpose? Everyone has a unique journey in life. Whatever the journey, find it and experience it. In my practice, my interest is to help you find your way back to living a life of peace and ultimately enjoying "a new freedom". Find the skills and tools you need to have long lasting recovery. Our work is always collaborative and tailored to meet your unique needs. 

"Cunning, baffling, and powerful", is just one of the many catch phrases used to describe the way addiction wreaks havoc in one's life. Has an addiction has been a central theme in your life? If you are struggling with an addiction -- you understand the relentless feelings of despair, shame, guilt, and anger that persist. Find your way out of the destructive cycle. 

In my practice you will learn about the way thoughts influence decisions. You'll also learn about underlying factors possibly contributing to your addiction. These factors could be attributed to a co-occurring disorder you might need support for. We will also process and work toward healing old "residual" feelings and experiences that might be hindering your confidence. More than awareness, you will develop skills and tools for your "tool box" to help you with attending to this perpetuating cycle. Get the support you need today. 

​Are you looking to get what you need from your relationships? One of the ways addiction causes damage is to our most significant
relationships. Families, parents, siblings, children, friends, and partners, who are front and center within our lives, can be left baffled, challenged by not knowing what to do next. Underlying everyone's best efforts are feelings of helplessness, sadness, anger, anxiety.

​Addiction often presents an unknown and frightening factor to the entire family.

Additionally, many emotional and mental health problems tag onto addiction, and affect the family as a whole. Through education, understanding, creating new communication strategies, processing pain, and rebuilding trust, my interest is to help you, your family, and relationships, heal from the damage addiction causes.